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Fresh Seafood

Dover Sole (Dover, England $45.00

Flaky and mild with almond butter. Simply the best!

De-bone table-side.

Sea Bass (Branzino-Lauraki) $29.95

From Mediterranean waters. De-bone-table-side.

Aegean Scallops $24.95

Baked in a casserole with shrimp base tomato sauce, sherry wine & a hint of feta cheese.

Halibut Vesuvio $25.95

From cold waters of Alaska. Flaky & mild sauteed in a garlic butter white wine, lemon sauce over roasted potatoes.

Baked Salmon $23.95

From Atlantic waters. Flaky texture, oven baked with fresh thyme topped with lemon, caper sauce.

Boston Cod Dejonge $21.95

Mild & flaky, baked with white wine, garlic butter and bread crumbs,

Corn Flake Crusted Pike $21.95

Baked and topped with lemon, caper sauce.

Lake Perch $22.95

Sauteed with lemon butter wine sauce or fried.

Tilapia Florentine $18.95

From Florida, baked on a bed of spinach, mixed with bleu cheese, topped with Hollandaise sauce.

Filet of Catfish $19.95

Large, flaky, sweet after taste. Served cajun or fried.